About Zetech Alumni

The Zetech University Alumni Association was established in June 2022 by former Zetech University students who came together to create an organization. This association serves as a platform for members, staff, and students of Zetech University to exchange ideas, enhance the university's reputation as a high-quality institution of higher education, and involve alumni and other stakeholders in the university's physical development.

Registration is currently underway, and a committee was swiftly formed to initiate outreach efforts through a cocktail meeting with alumni for awareness.

The committee also approached select university graduates to serve as interim volunteers in leadership roles. This year, the Association celebrates its second year of harmonious existence within Zetech University, positively impacting numerous students and strengthening the bond between alumni and the wider university community.


To be an effective partner in the realization of the goals cherished by Zetech University Alumni


To enhance the intellectual and material well-being of the Zetech University community by building productive connections among alumni, the Association, and the university.


The following are the aims and objectives of Zetech University Alumni Association will be to.

  1. Foster social and intellectual engagement among Zetech University Alumni and within the Alumni community.
  2. Acknowledge and support the pursuit of meaningful scholarship and academic excellence at Zetech University.
  3. Safeguard and enhance the interests and well-being of both members and Zetech University.
  4. Establish Alumni chapters locally and internationally to connect with all members.
  5. Contribute to the growth of Zetech University by participating in development initiatives.
  6. Encourage, develop, and uphold unique academic and social traditions specific to Zetech University.
  7. Build cooperative relationships with other Alumni associations and organizations, both domestic and international.
  8. Collaborate with Zetech University Council and other boards dedicated to the interests and progress of Alumni and the university.
  9. Engage in worthwhile national and international development activities that positively represent the Association and Zetech University.
  10. Devise strategies to raise funds for Alumni activities and undertake collaborative projects with Zetech University.